Use Cabotpto.org as your go-to for all things Cabot.
    The PTO’s mission is to support the school, teachers, students, and Cabot families
    The PTO is able to support the school, teachers, students and Cabot families through fundraising, the annual dues campaign is our first fundraiser this year.
    Please contact us to volunteer.
    The PTO is hoping you’ll become active in a group you’re already a member of simply by being a Cabot parent or guardian.
    We’ve got big jobs and little jobs.
    We welcome your enthusiasm and appreciate your generosity of time and effort.
    We’d love to hear from you if there is something specific that you’d like to offer the school:
    – perhaps you have a degree in landscape design and would like to use your expertise to spruce up an area of the Cabot Garden,
    – or you’re a PR wiz and would like to share your talents by spreading the word about the wonderful things going on at our school,
    – or maybe you don’t have a lot of time but would be willing to occasionally staple packets and stuff envelopes.
    Come meet other Cabot Parents at the Parents’ Night Out on Friday, 9/27, it’s going to be a lot of fun!