posted 5/7/17

Does my child need a bus pass to ride the school bus?

Yes, all students who wish to ride the bus must apply for the bus pass.

Is there a fee for my child’s bus pass for elementary school?

No, students in Grades K-5 are free but must still obtain the bus pass.

When will the bus passes be distributed?

Bus passes will be mailed home around the third week of August before the first day of school.

Must my child carry the bus pass every day?

Yes.  All students should have their passes with them every school day.  Please note that each school has an up-to-date list of students who have been issued bus passes.  This list will confirm a student’s eligibility to ride. For younger students we suggest a luggage tag on the outside of the backpack with the bus stop visible in the event your child misses his or her stop. The school will provide these tags.

Will bus passes be checked and attendance for the bus taken?

Passes will be checked by school staff at all schools so that the bus driver can concentrate on safe driving practices and timely adherence to the bus routes.  The school will be implementing a system for attendance and occasional changes for parents to be sure all information and changes are communicated to the appropriate people.

How many children will be on a bus and will they all have a seat belt?

The buses can legally seat 77 passengers and are equipped with 77 seat belts however the goal is no more than 60-65 students per bus.

Can the driver make my child wear his or her seat belt?

No, the driver cannot make a student wear a seat belt; the seat belts are optional.

Is the driver responsible for ensuring all students are buckled?


Can I ride on the bus with my child the first day of school?

No, parents and unauthorized passengers are not allowed on the buses at any time.

Are there monitors on the buses?

There are no monitors on the in-city buses.

Is there a bus for the Cabot After School Program from Carr?

No, there is no late bus from the Cabot After School Program.

What if my child leaves something on the bus?

The bus company, Eastern bus, has a lost and found. The number to the office for Eastern Bus is 617-942-7305. Families are responsible for contacting the Lost and Found to locate missing items.

May a student use a bus route or stop other than the one closest to his/her home?

Yes, students/families should pick the bus stop that is most convenient for them. Occasional changes can be made through the school.

Is a student ever assigned to more than one bus stop?

Yes, on occasion for a specific reason.  This should be noted on the application, including the reason for the alternate stop and the names and/or addresses if applicable such as other parent name and address.

May a student not signed up for the school bus ride home with a friend?

The policy allows periodic use of buses for guests as long as space is available and with the school’s permission.

Will there be bus evacuation drills for all students?

Yes, per Mass general Laws ALL schools must hold actual school bus evacuation drills twice a year, once in the fall and again in spring.

Is there a way for parents to track the bus?

No, there is no way for parents to track the buses however every bus is equipped with a GPS tracker and the transportation department has direct access and can see the buses at all times

What is the transportation policy regarding Kindergarten and 1st grade drop off?

Kindergarten and 1st grade students will be dropped off at their assigned bus stops.  If a parent or guardian is not at the bus stop to meet the kindergartner or 1st grader, the driver will radio the dispatcher and keep the child on the bus.  After the last stop on the route, the driver will return to the student’s bus stop and then to school if the parent or guardian is still not there.  Repeated occurrences will result in the forfeiture of transportation privileges.

How will the METCO bus be affected?

The only change to the Boston METCO bus once it arrives in Newton is the drop off location to Carr. We do not anticipate having to change to a different bus as Carr is not far from the Cabot School location.

 Is there a blue zone for parent drop off and pick up?

No, there is no blue zone at Carr. All families are strongly encouraged to use the yellow buses. Bus routes are designed so that no student is required to cross a major roadway and does not have more than a few blocks to walk to a safe localized bus stop.

Are there Visitor parking spots in the parking lot?

No. Visitors must park on neighboring streets and then walk to the school; Park on Linwood, California, and other neighboring streets 1-3 blocks from the school. There is no parking on Nevada St. except for permitted faculty parking spots. Cars may not drive on Nevada St. during school hours.

Will there be crossing guards?

There will be a crossing guard at Carr at the intersection of Linwood and Nevada St. to ensure the safety of students who are being dropped off or picked up as there is no blue zone at Carr.

What is the average length of the bus ride?

With the Cabot district being close to Carr we anticipate bus rides to be no more than 30 minutes long however if a bus is arriving too early or late adjustments will be made within the first few weeks.

Will the bus wait a few minutes at each stop in the morning?

No, the buses start at the first stop at the designated start time and should never leave before the listed time. As with all bus routes we advise students arrive five minutes before the expected arrival time of the bus to be sure they do not miss it. The buses will be patient the first few days while we all get accustomed to the new routes and schedules to Carr.

How will the driver know what stop my child should get off at in the afternoon?

The drivers do become familiar with the students, where they get off the bus and who they are met by if met every day. We suggest you review with your child where his or her bus stop is and arrange for someone to meet them the first few days so they also become familiar with the stop as the bus approaches it.

What if I regularly meet my child who is older but run late one day, will the driver make him or her get off the bus?  No, even if a child is not in Kindergarten or 1st grade, if they are met by an adult, the driver does become familiar with the routine. In addition if a child knows he or she is to be met and there is no one there and they tell the driver or seem apprehensive about getting off the bus the driver will keep them on the bus and follow the kindergarten and 1st grade drop off procedure.

 Can my child eat or drink on the bus?

No, eating and drinking on the bus present the possibility of choking. Additionally, we want to ensure a safe bus ride for students with food allergies.