Meeting Minutes
September 13, 2017 (Approved 10/11/17)

Amy Martins
Kathy Liu
Lee Guertin
Catherine Dun Rappaport
Jill Lebowitz
Michelle Morris
Lindsey Olson

Co-chair election
Michelle Morris

Goal Setting/Planning
School Improvement Plan
Mural to new Cabot Community
Sustain/Amplify parent engagement
Core Values/Responsive Classroom
Responsiveness and Communication about difficult current events and how to support students
Transition to new building in 2 years (maintain community spirit)
Loss of playground playdates with buses – family/community supplement
Getting to know teachers
Bus issues: how to handle at school and at home
Forum to have discussions – teacher, principal, PTO voices
Information sharing among parents and staff

Future Agenda Items
Bus Issues
– Arrival time isn’t consistent
– Drivers should be more friendly
– Getting off the bus when students arrive can cause anxiety
– Tight seating arrangements
– Lack of seatbelt usage
– Families driving to bus stops that are not their regular stops
– INconsistent rules on buses with parents coming on buses
– Kindergarten students are in the back of the bus with older students in the front
– Parents are willing to help students get settled

Eric is supporting expectations for bus behavior talking with students in the morning
We could have a bus behavior signal from the driver
Core Values Poster could be posted on buses
Gym or another space for students when they arrive early
Lesson plans in the classroom about buses
Track the timing of buses
Directly e-mail parents about bus routes once they are clear with specific times for each stop
Have bus buddies – 5th graders with younger students
Mark a safe are on the bus for younger students