You are an important part of the generous and committed PTO community of Cabot School. In addition to the time you so graciously give to the school in ways too numerous to list, your financial support of the Cabot PTO makes a WORLD OF DIFFERENCE to our children and staff. Some examples of programs and items funded by the Cabot PTO are:

  • †Meaningful enrichment programs in the arts and sciences
  • Classroom supplies
  • Physical education and playground equipment
  • Computers and other critical technology for the classroom

Unfortunately, our tax dollars aren’t enough to support these necessary investments in our children.  Your financial support is needed and valued.

We are launching the 2012-2013 Campaign for Cabot – our single most important source of PTO funds. We know times are not easy for many families, but we hope that your family, along with every other family at Cabot, will find a way to make a contribution that is manageable and meaningful.

We need to raise $40,000, through the Campaign, to support this year’s PTO budget. Please give as generously as you can and help us achieve 100% participation – what a strong message that would send to our children!!

Donations can be made by check using the card and envelope sent to you this week or click the donate button on our homepage.

Many thanks for your generous support!