The CASP Valentine Boutique will be open on February 12 through February 14 from 3:15-5:45PM in the Carr lobby for CASP friends and families to purchase handmade Valentine crafts.  We have new items for sale this year that include but are not limited to Valentine yarn monsters, coasters, lavender sachets, wrapped stone pendents, and butterfly candy bags.   
This year’s proceeds are being directed to Together We Rise which is a non profit organization that helps kids in foster care. “When most children enter foster care, they receive two trash bags. Together We Rise provides children with a duffle bag and suitcase which allows them to leave their home in dignity.  CASP is raising funds to purchase the duffle bags along with making a decorative item to attach to each bag.  Together We Rise believes in raising awareness to improve the lives of children in foster care who often feel forgotten and neglected by the public.”
Each duffle bag costs $25 and our goal is to raise $1,000 at the Boutique in 2018!  Unfortunately, we can’t open the Boutique before 3:15 so If non-CASP families and friends would like to shop you will need to come back to Carr.  CASP students may bring money to school or wait until pick up to shop with their families.
Thank you for your support!