Ms. deWeerd is committed to expanding the understanding of and respect for the importance of honeybees in our environment. She is a local beekeeper and was trained as a chemist. Ever the scientist, she has studied every aspect of the honeybee. To share her substantial knowledge, she has developed programs on honeybees for students. Topics covered in the presentations are the family-like social interactions of honeybees, their lifecycle and work roles, pollen and nectar collection, honey production and the differentiation between honeybees and wasps. She includes how to behave in the presence of these insects. Ms. deWeerd has spectacular photographic enlargements of the different types of bees at work for the hive. She also shows the attire of a beekeeper, the parts of a beehive and a jar of bees. Ms. deWeerd is an engaging presenter. Her enthusiasm for beekeeping is quite evident.

The Creative Arts and Sciences (CAS) implements curricular-related programs at elementary and middle schools in Newton. The PTOs at each school fund these programs. The programs align with Newton curricula, the Massachusetts’ curricular frameworks, system-wide goals, and core values. Programs enhance Art, English/ Language Arts, History, Social Studies, Music, Physical Education, and Science curricula.

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