Following a classroom visitation by an avatar of the goddess Athena just after Thanksgiving break, about 75 budding Greek scholars at Cabot signed up to take the 2013 National Mythology Exam. The students will compete against other young mythology buffs from all over the nation in the voluntary exam, which will be administered at Cabot on Friday, March 8.

All students take a 30-question multiple-choice exam based on pp. 1-62 and pp. 186-87 from D’Aulaires’ Book of Greek Myths. There is an extra section of 10 questions—required for Gr. 5, optional for Gr. 3 and 4—on a rotating subject each year. The topic for 2013 is “Perseus and Mythological Monsters”  (pp. 114-122 in D’Aulaires). Extra study materials for this section have arrived at Cabot and will be distributed to the Gr. 5 teachers.

Voluntary lunchtime study groups with Literacy Specialist Phyllis Benjamin have been running since mid-January. Students sign up through their classroom teachers to eat lunch together and talk about a discussion topic (prepared in advance) related to the exam. Space is limited to 6 students per classroom each week, so children may have to take turns.

Many thanks to our PTO for generously underwriting the registration fees for each student, for purchasing study materials and copies of D’Aulaires, and for subsidizing the cost of participation ribbons for our young Greek scholars.

If you have any questions about the Greek Mythology Exam, or are interested in any volunteer opportunities connected with it (helping out with the lunchtime study groups, exam administration, preparation of the awards, etc.), please contact Phyllis Benjamin (a.k.a. Athena’s Votary) at 617 559-9400 or by email  or leave a note in her mailbox in the office.