Gregory Mone, science journalist and the author of four published novels, will visit the 4th grade students.  He will review some of the more interesting assignments he has had as a writer and stress the importance of becoming an expert in whatever subject a student chooses to write about. The presentation will continue with a discussion of his most recently published novels, Fish and Dangerous Waters. He takes students through the entire process of writing a book, from the initial idea or inspiration through the planning, the creative writing, the revisions and on to the final, finished, published work.

The Creative Arts and Sciences Committee (CASC) implements curricular-related programs at elementary and middle schools in Newton. The PTOs at each school fund these programs. The programs align with Newton curricula, the Massachusetts’ curricular frameworks, system-wide goals, and core values. Programs enhance Art, English/ Language Arts, History, Social Studies, Music, Physical Education, and Science curricula.

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