Dress Up Day – Wednesday, October 31

Kindergarten and Grade 1

Wear your Halloween Costume to Cabot with clothing for school underneath.  We will hold a brief parade on the playground while the students are dressed up.  Students that are not interested in dressing up can choose to participate in the parade and will be provided alternatives to dressing up.  After the parade all students in be in regular school clothing for the remainder of the day.

Grades 2 – 5

Teachers will provide time during the day for students to dress up.  Each grade and teacher will determine the timing of the classroom celebration.


  • No masks that cover a child’s face
  • No items that can be considered weapons (e.g. swords, knives, light sabers, etc.)
  • No accessories that could be lost of left behind. We would not want students to leave parts of costumes at school and not be able to have them for Trick or Treating.

These activities are optional.  Students do not need to participate.