Virtual Invention Invasion and Maker Madness – This Year It’s Virtual!

Now to April 26th

  • Plan and complete your invention, creation, investigation
  • Make a video (no more than 1 minute) presenting your project to the virtual audience
  • Tips for awesome one-minute videos:
    • Plan what you’re going to say. Make yourself a little outline like:
      • (A) What is the problem your invention solves, or what question does your experiment try to answer?
      • (B) How does your invention work, or how did you run your experiment?
      • (C) How well does your invention work, or what were the results of your experiment?
      • (D) how is life better because of your invention, or what did you learn from your experiment?
    • Please record your videos in landscape, not portrait mode. In other words, if you use a phone, hold it ‘sideways,’ not ‘tall’
    • Use the free video editing app that comes with the smartphone (e.g. iMovie on iPhones) or laptop to trim out unnecessary pauses, etc.
    • Feel free to use captions/subtitles to make things clearer

By April 26th

May 3rd

  • Receive a link to see the videos of all participants in the year’s virtual invention invasion

Questions? Please email:

Who: Cabot students K-5

What: Invention invasion is Cabot School’s science and technology fair featuring inventions, creations and experiments by Cabot students!

Examples of inventions/experiments from past years:

  • A working earth/moon orbit model
  • What ramp shape makes a ball roll down faster?
  • Spray that makes broccoli taste better
  • Lego robot
  • Penny cleaning solution
  • Does the color of candy affect taste?

For a complete guide to this exciting event, take a look at the links below:

If you have any questions, please email

Let the discovery begin!