March 18, 2013

Dear Families of 4th graders,

We received the following communication from the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education today:

In anticipation of severe weather that may result in numerous school closings and delayed openings tomorrow, Tuesday, March 19 (which is the date scheduled for the MCAS ELA Composition test), the Department has decided to postpone the administration of the MCAS ELA Composition test until Monday, March 25. 

All schools must administer the ELA Composition test to students in grades 4, 7, and 10 on Monday, March 25, including schools that are not affected by the weather. We realize that this change may be disruptive for some schools, but for security reasons it is critical that all schools administer the ELA Composition on the same day. Even schools that are unaffected by the storm must wait until Monday, March 25, to administer the test.

The children were notified about the change (you may have heard the collective cheer!).  The rest of the MCAS schedule will remain the same.  I hope this does not disrupt any holiday plans.  If so, please give me a call.

Keep warm and dry tomorrow.