The Creative Arts and Sciences Committee implements curricular-related programs at elementary and middle schools in Newton. The PTOs at each school fund these programs. The programs align with Newton curricula, the Massachusetts’ curricular frameworks, system-wide goals, and core values. Programs enhance Art, English/ Language Arts, History, Social Studies, Music, Physical Education, and Science curricula.

Our first performance of the year, the citywide concert series program, Opera to Go!, will visit Cabot School on October 11th. Founded in 1972, Opera to Go! is a repertory company of professional male and female vocalists whose mission it is to introduce students to opera. With piano accompaniment, the troupe presents an introduction to opera. What is an opera? This interactive program answers that question by creating vivid characters and exciting stories with operatic singing. After leading students through the basic elements of opera-arias, duets, and recitative, Opera to Go! improvises an opera based upon a favorite fairy tale or historical event. The audience is invited to join in this opera either as the chorus or the onstage cast.