An option for a class gift is to organize a class supply drive.  Items like printer ink, Ticonderoga pencils, sticky notes, plastic bags and washable markers are often in need.

  • Email your class list letting parents know that the class gift you are organizing is a classroom supply drive consisting of new supplies (non-curricular) needed by the classroom teacher.
  • Ask for anonymous donations: NO personal notes identifying specific family donations.
  • To make collecting donations easy put out a clearly labeled storage bin or box on top of the classroom’s lockers or ask parents to drop off items in a bin or box left outside at your home.
  • Check with your classroom teacher as ask when the best time and date would be for the students to give them a holiday gift.
    The day or two before the Winter Break during morning meeting or a class breakfast are often good times.
  • Additionally, a sign up at makes coordinating this drive a breeze.
    A sample sign up has been created to give you an idea of how it might be a useful tool for this and other room parent tasks.
    Simply send parents the link and let them sign up, very little back and forth will be necessary.
    You will need to hide the names of volunteers on the sign up to keep the gift giving anonymous:
    1) Go to and log into your account
    2) Scroll down to “Sign Ups I’ve Created” and click “Edit” beneath your sign up.
    3) Go to Step 5: Settings, and in the “Contact Info” box you can check the box next to “Also hide the names from group members.”
    If you check this box, names will not be visible on the sign up….it will say “Already Reserved.”
    As the sign up creator, if you are logged into the site, YOU will be able to see the names, that’s only because you are logged in and the system recognizes you as the creator.
    4) Click the “Update” button at the bottom of the screen to save that changes.