At our June 15 PTO meeting (8:30am in the cafeteria), we will elect the leadership for the 2017/2018 Executive Committee. 

Below is a list of positions along with brief descriptions of the work involved. If you would like to submit your name for nomination, please email by Tuesday, May 30 at noon.

Run PTO/Exec Committee meetings, meet regularly with the Principal, attend PTO Council and School Council meetings, sit on Budget Committee and oversee event committees.

Maintain checking and paypal accounts, reconcile statements and keep up to date spending records, prepare and present budget and reports as needed, ensure tax returns are filed, run Budget CommitteeAssistant Treasurer:Assist Treasurer, deposit checks, sit on Budget Committee.Corresponding Secretary:Prepare Cabot Events weekly email, ensure calendar is kept up to date and accurate, take meeting minutes if Recording Secretary is unavailable.Recording Secretary:Keep an accurate record of meetings to be approved and posted on the PTO website, file annual PTO report with the state.

K-5 Grade Representatives (one per grade):Ensure grade representation, manage room parent communications, arrange casual get-togethers for parents, welcome new families who join Cabot mid-year.

Cabot Connecting Families Representative: Act as a liaison between Newton families and Boston families who participate in the METCO Program.

In addition, the proposed budget for the 2017/2018 year is now posted here. We welcome your questions or comments, and will consider amendments at the June 15 PTO meeting. A vote to approve the final budget will follow online.

Thank You!