5:30 pm – 7:30 pm

Join the entire Cabot community for a funfilled, multicultural potluck on the blacktop.
Tables will be grouped based on continents:  North America, Asia, Australia & Africa, Europe & South America.

Please bring a favorite dish from your culture that will feed approximately 8-10 people.
Some of the countries represented last year: Germany, China, India, Canada, Sweden, Israel, the USA, Russia, the UK, France, Japan, Italy, Australia and Mexico
Some of the mouth-watering dishes from last year’s event: flammkuchen, waffles, streudel, schnitzel, lasagna, vegemite sandwiches, macaroni casserole, guacamole, pico de gallo, Chinese rice cake, Szechuan noodles,kartoffelsalat, bretzeln, sushi, tarte au sucre, brownies, and arepas

There will be a small stage on the blacktop, and we would be thrilled to have you or your kids perform something for the crowd! Do a dance number, play a song on a musical instrument, or read a poem –anything that will add more color to this relaxed evening!

Please attend in your native dress. There will be a prize for the best dressed person and a small token of appreciation for anyone who participates.