Who: Any parent who likes to organize things. Come with a friend to make the task fun!!

Time commitment:

Several hours across the next three months: any time of day or afternoon until 6pm, one to more hours at a time. The more volunteers the quicker we finish this task.

Deadline: End of May 2017

The task: 

  • Checking leveled book bags/bins to be sure all copies are in the right places and to update a master list of books.

What’s involved:

  • Using the hard copy of the Book Room inventory, go through each Level (A-Z) and check to make sure it matches the titles and number of copies on the shelves. Adjust the data accordingly. If a brightly colored card is in the box, it indicates that a teacher has borrowed a set of books, which should be six. There needs to be a column on the electronic inventory sheet (see below) which shows that one set of books is checked out.
  • Retype the Book Room Inventory into a good electronic format with updated information. (Direction will be provided)
  • Label five clothes pins per teacher, Literacy staff and ELL staff. (Sample will be provided) Clothespins will have each teacher’s last name on them. They can be printed with a Sharpie or a label maker/printer. These will be used to eventually check out books from the bookroom in an effort to keep better tabs on what’s taken out.)


If interested or have questions, please contact Jane Bassett, Cabot Literacy Specialist/Coach  jane_bassett@newton.k12.ma.us

THANK YOU!  Your help is really needed!!