Invention is a process of creating something that has never existed before.  Imagine what your life would have been like without televisions, cars, airplanes, telephones, computers, video games, flu shots, eye glasses, books or light bulbs.  There was once a time when none of these things existed.  It is difficult to think of our lives without them, and yet we can enjoy them today only because of the imagination and hard work of people who first made these inventions, and the people who then continued to make these inventions better.  Advances in science and technology change our lives.  Ask your parents and your grandparents what their lives were like when they were your age – how they listened to music, watched movies, took pictures, communicated with people that lived far away or traveled to visit them?  You may be surprised by some of their answers.

Working in science and technology requires people that observe the world around them, use their curiosity to understand why it works the way that it does, imagine how they could make it better, and then work on bringing their ideas to life.  Our understanding of science and technology changes all the time and enables us to make new discoveries and new inventions.  It changes the way that we understand the world around us and changes the world in which we live.