We are very excited that one of the features of the new Cabot building will be a historically-themed, 100 square foot, glass-tile mural that will be researched, designed and created by our students, alumni and community! We have partnered with local muralist David Fichter and Historic Newton to work with us throughout the year in order to complete and install the mural in the new school’s main lobby prior to Cabot’s reopening in the fall of 2019. 


The mural’s theme is be Together, We Go Far. It recognizes the history of Cabot’s first 90 years, and looks ahead to the next century of our community coming together to support each other, advance learning, and enrich the life experiences of all. Part of the process includes students learning about artistic collaboration, working with peers and members of the community.  Upper grade students have been working with Historic Newton to explore the history of Cabot School including its architecture, traditions, values, and diversity. Students have concurrently been hard at work creating images inspired by these concepts.


Our muralist, David Fichter will integrate these drawings into the final mural design.  He will then begin a 3 week-residency in January/February at Cabot@Carr to construct the mural itself. Each student will have the opportunity to help fit tiles into the design. Community Days are also planned on February 2nd & 10th, offering families, neighbors and alumni to be involved in the creation of the final piece!


The mural will be placed in the main lobby of Cabot’s new building, on what was an exterior wall of the original 1928 structure. This placement will be a perfect intersection of Cabot’s past, present, and future.



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The Cabot Community is invited to
take part in building our mural on
February 2nd & 10th, 2019. 


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Funding for this legacy project has been generously provided by these supporters, and families like yours!