The Cabot PTO is a non-profit, all-volunteer organization dedicated to supporting Cabot School, enriching our children’s education, and strengthening our sense of community.


All parents/guardians of children in the Cabot School and the faculty and staff members of the school are automatically members of the PTO.


The mission of the Cabot PTO is to:

  • Promote the Core Values of the Cabot School, which are to support an environment in which all children prepare for life-long learning, develop respect for self and others, and develop a commitment to school and community.
  • Support the efforts of the Cabot School staff in providing optimal educational, emotional, social, physical growth for students.
  • Encourage involvement of parents in the life of Cabot School and cultivate future PTO leaders and volunteers
  • Encourage cooperation, collaboration, and communication between staff and parents.
  • Generate interest in and understanding of Cabot School within the broader Newton community.
  • Work collaboratively with the Cabot School Council.


Cabot PTO Bylaws – approved in 1997

Stay tuned to view the PROPOSED Cabot PTO Bylaws, amended and updated in September, 2012.
There will be a vote to approve these amended bylaws later this fall.