Co-presidents Michele Morris (2018-20)        Agnes Pietrzyk (2019-21) cabotpto.copresident@gmail.com
Vice-president ex officio Principal Eric Sprung eric_sprung@newton.k12.ma.us
Treasurer Lauren White cabotpto.treasurer@gmail.com
Assistant Treasurer Ali Dunn  
Corresponding Secretary Gayatri Aryan cabotptowebmaster@gmail.com
Recording Secretary Catherine Dun-Rappaport  
Kindergarten Rep Kristin O’Connor  
1st Grade Rep    
2nd Grade Rep Robin Levenson  
3rd Grade Rep Ginny Richmond  
4th Grade Rep Suzy Sloan  
5th Grade Rep Suzy Yospin  
Cabot Connecting Families Roxanne McCarley (FORJ), Richelle Smith  
Teacher Representatives Olivia Bernow          Brenna Green olivia_bernow@newton.k12.ma.us brenna_green@newton.k12.ma.us
Past Presidents (ex-officio) Joanna Josephson Nicky Chapman  
Acknowledgement/Teacher Appreciation Cecily Andes
Book Fair Esther Aronov, Mandy Carozza, Lauren White
Cabot Community Supper Priya Garg, Suzy Sloan
Cabot Fair
Permits Cecily Andes
Games and Prizes Agnes Pietrzyk and Anna Sicam
Vendors (rides, food, DJ) Ching Wang and Lisa Pavlides
Cabot Goods  
Campaign for Cabot Ali Dunn
Color Day Nicky Chapman
Creative Arts & Sciences (CAS) Ginny Richmond, Anna Sicam
1: Christina Cortes Bottino, Mandy Carozza
2: Roxanne McCarley, OPEN
3: Amelia Oliver, Felicity Salmon
4: Dee August, OPEN
5: Lauren Kohl, Jasmine Chen, Datila Carvalho
Directory Nicky Chapman
Families Organizing for Racial Justice (FORJ) Elana November, Roxanne McCarley
Fifth Grade Activities Suzy Yospin and Team of 5th grade parents
Invention Invasion Dean Bottino, Matt Yospin
Library Liaison Rochelle McClan
Picture Day Coordinator Renee Southiere
Program Enrichment Grants Sue Bottino
Safe Routes to School Ali Dunn, Graham Sinclair
School Council Representatives Lisa Pavlides (2018-20)
Lauren White (2019-21)
Gayatri Aryan (2019-21)
Social Action Cynthia Sanger, Elana November
Special Education Liaison (SEPAC) Dee August
Spring Fling Event Joanna Josephson
Silent Auction Sue Bottino
Taste of the World FORJ Committee
Understanding our Differences (UOD) Annette Nedeljkovic, Allana Kelly
UOD 5th Grade  
UOD 4th Grade Annette Nedeljkovic, Allana Kelly
UOD 3rd Grade Ginny Richmond, Norah Ferry
Kindergarten Registration Grade 1 leader: Flora Edwards
Website/Facebook Esther Aronov
Cabot 90th Mandy Carozza