The Cabot PTO has numerous committees dedicated to fulfilling our mission to support the school staff, help enrich the educational experience of our children, and build the sense of community at Cabot.  Take a moment to read the brief descriptions of our programs and events below.  If you see one (or more!) that interests you please let us know.

  • Acknowledgment/Teacher Appreciation
    This committee acknowledges teachers and staff throughout the year in a variety of ways, including hosting a luncheon and giving small gifts of appreciation.
  • Book Fair
    This event allows students and parents to purchase new books for themselves and for Cabot teachers.  The Book Fair also includes guest readers, book bingo, and a used book sale.
  • Cabot After-School Liaison
    This volunteer attends Cabot After-School (CASP) board meetings and serves as an aide to parents involved in the program, should the need arise.
  • Cabot Community Park
    This is a student-designed outdoor space funded by the PTO and the Community Preservation Act.  This area is used as an outdoor classroom space by all students. The Cabot Community Park is maintained and funded by the PTO.
  • Cabot Community Supper
    The goal of the fall dinner event is to build school community.  The great outdoors is enjoyed with games, dancing and all around FUN.  Each family may bring its own picnic dinner.  Pizza, drinks and desserts are sold.
  • Cabot Connecting Families
    Parents involved act as liaisons between Newton and Boston families who participate in the METCO Program.  Social activities are organized to bring participants together outside of school.
  • Cabot Fair
    This annual spring event is a major fundraiser at Cabot and involves the whole community.
  • Cabot Goods
    T-shirts and other paraphernalia with the Cabot logo are sold at the Cabot Fair and at other events.  Volunteers are responsible for ordering and selling the items.
  • Campaign for Cabot
    Parent volunteers work with PTO officers to manage the annual check-writing campaign for the PTO, the largest source of funding for its operating budget.
  • Core Values
    Throughout the year volunteers on this committee help to reinforce Cabot’s core values through bulletin board exhibits, class projects, and assemblies.
  • Creative Arts & Sciences
    This PTO committee, sponsored by a citywide program, brings arts and sciences enrichment programs to school.  Parent volunteers generate programming ideas, preview performances, and coordinate events with faculty.
  • Directory
    Parent volunteers publish the Directory of students, including addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses.  The Directory is intended for use by families to facilitate social activities and communication.
  • Family Dance
    Volunteers organize an annual free Dance for Cabot students & their families in February
  • Fifth Grade Activities
    This committee works with the Principal and fifth grade teachers to coordinate fundraisers and end-of-year fifth grade activities.
  • Hospitality
    Volunteers supply refreshments for PTO meetings, Back-to-School Night, and occasional evening programs.
  • Invention Invasion
    This committees organizes a project-based evening event for students that promotes innovation and scientific discovery.
  • Kindergarten Registration
    In the spring, parent volunteers serve as hosts for the parent orientation of incoming students.
  • Library Liaison
    This parent coordinates library volunteers who assist the Librarian throughout the year.
  • Newton Serves/Cabot Clean-up Day
    In coordination with school staff, volunteers organize, plan, and implement small projects at Cabot during the city-wide NewtonServes community service day.
  • Nominating Committee
    Each spring this group recruits new volunteers for the PTO board and committees.
  • Playground
    This committee oversees clean up of and improvements to the playground.
  • Political Issues
    Volunteers are responsible for keeping abreast of current educational issues and legislation on both the local and state levels and keeping the Cabot community informed accordingly.
  • Program Enrichment
    This committee receives a certain amount of PTO money each year and is responsible for awarding it to the Principal, teachers, and parents who submit proposals for special in-school projects.
  • Room Parent leader/Room Parents
    Room parents from each classroom assist the classroom teacher in various ways. 
  • Safe Arrival/Call Back
    Parent volunteers check each classroom attendance list against absences reported to the call back phone line.  Calls are then made to any families who have not reported in.  This is a citywide program to ensure the safe arrival of all students.
  • Safe Routes to School
    This committee promotes community activities such as International Walk to School Day, Massachusetts Walk to School Day, and a walking school bus.  They also assist school staff in organizing bike safety programs for 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students.
  • School Store
    The coordinators of the school store order and sell school-related items.
  • Shopping Fundraisers
    Volunteers help to promote various opportunities to raise money for Cabot through everyday shopping experiences and programs like Box Tops for Education.
  • Social Action
    This committee organizes and advertises activities that benefit community organizations in need of assistance.  Food and clothing drives are typical efforts.
  • Special Education Liaison
    This parent serves as a resource person for questions about Chapter 766, the state law that guarantees all children the right to education regardless of disabilities.  This person attends meetings of the citywide committee and writes a summary for the Jabberwock.
  • Spring Fling and Silent Auction
    This group of parents plans the PTO’s annual adult-only spring social event and the corresponding silent auction.
  • Taste of the World
    This committee organizes a spring, outdoor pot-luck supper that celebrates the cultural diversity of the Cabot community.
  • Understanding Our Differences
    This is a citywide program run by parent volunteers. Presented to upper elementary grades, the program strives to give students a better understanding of human differences.  The volunteer coordinator must attend citywide training sessions and then recruit parent volunteers to present the various parts of the program.
  • Website Communications
    This group of parents works closely with Cabot staff, PTO officers, and committee chairs to maintain the Cabot PTO website.
  • Welcome Committee
    Parents on this committee create a spring flyer for incoming kindergarten families.  They also plan summer play dates and a beginning of school picnic to acquaint new students with the school and their classmates.