Meeting Minutes
October 11, 2017 – DRAFT


Eric Sprung

Amy Martins

Lee Guertin

Jill Leibowitz

Johanna Jospehson

Michele Morris

Lindsay Olson

Catherine Dun Rappaport

Minute Approval

All in favor

Minutes: Cabot website, PTO

Community Representation

  • PTO/CASP movie night – good turn out, $410 through bake sale (National Diaper Network)
  • 40th Anniversary Party at Lawn on D – around 200 attendees
  • Upcoming: 5th grade haunted house (carnival theme), concession stands – will be using classrooms earlier than usual to set up
  • Family fest – Turkey Trot
  • No longer doing Divine Desserts, craft instead
  • Looking for teachers
  • Looking for other community members to join school council – former Cabot parent? Neighborhood representative?

PTO Update

  • Meet and greet for all families – not only new families; 4th and 5th graders gave tours of the building
  • Community supper – well attended, food truck (feedback from co-chairs)
  • Back to School night – specialists have a specific time so that k-2 and 3-5 families can see their specialist teachers?
  • PTO meetings as needed? (Boost attendance)
  • Superintendent – January 16th
  • How to Talk to Kids About Race – meeting at Angier last night (Cabot parents attended – possible PTO meeting topic)
  • Directory – printing for families who requested
  • Room Parent – staffed, will be training
  • Coffee with Eric tomorrow morning
  • Book Fair
  • Spring Fling will be coming back – forming group to party plan
  • School Pass – ongoing to communicate “how to” questions and “terms” for parents to be able to understand
  • Lost and Found – location, clean out donations
  • Halloween – candy collection
  • Meeting times – goal is to have morning and evening times for families to be able to attend
  • 2 METCO parents on PTO as representatives

 Staff Update

  • School Families – Responsive School (morning meeting with k-5 range of students and “family teacher”), Whole-School Assembly after meeting
    • 38 families – around 11-13 students per family
    • Lesson plans will be provided by Responsive team so that all families are having the same meeting

 Principal update

  • Culturally Proficient Group Meeting – last night (meeting monthly)
    • What do we need to work on? How does that look in the building?
    • Facilitated by Newton parent (Amy Barrons, Vanitta)
  • Mural Idea – support from PTO, Christine Phillips, Eric Sprung, etc.
    • Brainstorming logisitics
  • Groundbreaking for Cabot School (pictures uploaded on Facebook page)
  • “Cabot Elementary” – Facebook and Twitter pages are being created, content is being created and shared by staff members, and a Cabot parent
    • Eric serves as the moderator – comments posted on the page must be approved by him

 School Improvement Plan

  • 2015-2018 Plan – within the final year of the plan
    • Educational jargon to clarify for parents, baseline data/knowledge
    • Thinking of adding to facility section – transition from Carr to Cabot
    • Increase in size – redrawn districts?
    • PTO meeting in Roxbury for METCO students?
  • Set goals as a group that may not be reflected in the school improvement plan: Numbers based? Number of events/programs? Number of tasks to complete?
  • Share with staff

 Bus Update

  • Working with School Pass and parents still
  • Parent communication – Tremendous growth from the beginning of the year up until now
  • Behavior challenges are being addressed individually by Eric
    • Communicate any bus challenges to Eric so that he can address the behavior with the student(s)
    • Assigned seats as logical consequences for individual behaviors
  • Bus Evacuation drills to come
  • Time inconsistency for bus stop arrivals at the end of the day