Our number one objective for room parents leading the task of organizing classroom gift giving is to make it easy and clear for you to support Cabot school staff while ensuring consistent compliance with NPS policies.

Click here to read the Newton Public School policy on gifts to staff that was revised in May 2015.  NPS staff can now receive gifts for their personal use within the parameters of the revised NPS policy and state ethics laws.  Any gift/donation for use in the classroom must comply with the Elementary Equity Policy.


  • Families should not feel pressure to give gifts (either individually or from the class)
  • Group gifts should be from the whole class (no individual names listed)
  • The value of group gifts throughout the year should not exceed $150
  • Greeting cards, notes, or crafts are excellent options.  Staff truly appreciates the heartfelt words of appreciation from students and families
  • Gifts should be for the staff and should not include instructional materials for the classroom

Find some class gift ideas here.  If you have questions about whether your gift idea complies with NPS policies on gifts and equity, please ask.

Some families may wish to make an additional gift to a staff member from their child or family individually.  You can refer them to the NPS policy on staff gifts  and offer the following guidance:


  • Gifts from individuals/families should have not monetary value (gift cards are not permitted from individual families)
  • Again, greeting cards, notes, or crafts are excellent options
  • Teachers can be acknowledged through the annual Campaign for Cabot which helps the Cabot PTO to support our teachers
  • Individuals/families can also recognize specific Cabot staff members with a donation to the Newton Schools Foundation’s Honor Thy Teacher  program (read more here)