My name is Krisla Strand and I have a Cabot 5th grader doing DLA. I will be the DLA rep for Cabot working with the PTO and DLA admin. to advocate for equity in education and continued community connection. The 1st stumbling block we must tackle is the lack of class and cohort lists. Superintendent Fleishman sent an e-mail on Friday, Sept. 11thstating that class and cohort lists cannot be provided for families until permissions have been updated. I strongly encourage you to log on to the Aspen Family/Student portal to update contact information and permissions -this is especially important for DLA families as a way to get class and cohort lists including students from other base schools. I also encourage all families to update your account page within Membership Toolkit (MTK). You can choose which information you want to be shared in the directory. This assures you are included in school communications and allows you to seek out Cabot families in the same class and cohorts.

Krisla Strand

Cabot PTO DLA Liaison