Giles Laroche has been drawing for as long as he can remember. “I especially enjoyed sketching the mountains, old farmhouses, and mill buildings which surrounded Berlin, New Hampshire, the town I grew up in.” Mr. Laroche begins his presentation with a whole grade assembly. He shares his beautiful original artwork with students, talks about the materials used to create his art, and the subjects of his art which range from animals to landscapes, to cityscapes. He talks about the benefits of sketching an object vs photographing an object. (Hint: it’s about attention to details). Mr. Laroche shares art from If You Lived Here: Houses of the World;  A Place to Start a Family: Poems About Creatures That Build and other books he has written and illustrated. Following the assembly, Mr. Laroche works with each class individually for a cut paper art workshop. He gives a careful demonstration on how to make, for example, a paper house with nothing more than paper, scissors, and glue. Then the students give it a try. Subjects for the workshops may be communities, animals, the sea, ships, insects, structures, castles, pagodas, towers, or another theme that ties in to a classroom curriculum.

Creative Arts and Sciences (CAS) implements curricular-related programs at elementary and middle schools in Newton. The PTOs at each school fund these programs. The programs align with Newton curricula, the Massachusetts’ curricular frameworks, system-wide goals, and core values. Programs enhance Art, English/ Language Arts, History, Social Studies, Music, Physical Education, and Science curricula.

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