April 18, 2013

Dear Newton Families,

The terrible events at the Boston Marathon on Monday were traumatic for our region and our country. Some of us know people who may have been injured, others had family or friends who witnessed the events, and most everyone has seen the horrific scenes played over and over again on television. The fact that the bombs were placed at such a special event in Boston only adds to the shock and uncertainty we feel as we try to make sense of the unimaginable.

It is for all these reasons that we need to be mindful of the reactions of our students, faculty, staff and families when we return to school on Monday. Most of us will find the resilience to move forward and respond effectively to the daily demands facing us. Nevertheless, there will be individuals who will need some support, whether it is just a short conversation or more intensive intervention. The challenge is to recognize who may need that support and in what form. As always, feel free to contact our skilled and dedicated professionals at the building level if you have any concerns.

The tragedy of this past Monday gave our children the opportunity to see the best in mankind, from the first responders on the scene, to the medical care provided to the victims, to the emotional support that is so prevalent. I hope that the caring, compassion and cooperation that we have seen over the past few days become the lasting lesson for our children and families.

David Fleishman
Superintendent of Schools