Dear Cabot Families,


Here is a brief status update as we continue our preparation for the transition from Cabot to Carr School at the end of the school year.


Playground plans: Our Playground Team of teachers, parents, and architects met recently to review initial plans for the new playground to be installed on the new Cabot grounds. Based on the Team’s input, the architectural firm will prepare several options for our review in mid January, with plans to be finalized by the end of January.


Cabot Celebration:

The PTO and School Council are seeking parent volunteers to help plan and run an end of the year celebration of Cabot as it now exists. We welcome your participation. If interested, please contact Jen Abbot at . We really need your assistance to plan this event.


Inclement Weather and Student Safety:  Snowy winter weather has arrived with a dusting this week. To ensure the safety of all students, we want to remind families that the message for students at Cabot is not to throw snow or snowballs as they could contain rocks or ice that could hurt others. Also, when there are mounds of snow, we ask that children stay off the snow hills and refrain from building forts that could collapse.


School Arrival: School doors open at 8:20 and close at 8:25. We expect all students to arrive by 8:25 to allow time to unpack materials, hang up coats and settle into classrooms to start the day as a classroom community. Students are considered tardy if they arrive after 8:30. Late arrivals must go to the office to sign in and obtain a tardy slip to let teachers know students have checked into the office so attendance is recorded accurately. With wintry weather slowing us down, please plan for your child to be at school by 8:25 at the latest. Thank you!


Upcoming Principal’s Coffee – Introducing our Student Services faculty: Come meet our new psychologist, Ms. Paola Rengifo, our new METCO Counselor, Mr. Julian Turner, and our returning Social Worker, Ms. Susan Kass on Friday, January 20, 8:30-9:15am. This will be an informal conversation in which each person shares an overview of their role, how they support all children, teachers and families and to answer any of your questions. We look forward to having you join us!


My best,

Eva M. Thompson