Author and illustrator, Ralph Masiello, is best known for his “How to Draw” book series. His presentation’s main focus is the basics of creating an illustrated book. Using his book, The Robot Drawing Book, Ralph will show the students how they can create original robot drawings combining basic geometry (squares, rectangles, circles, ovals, rhombus, etc.) and simple lines. Mr. Masiello is very enthusiastic about his art form – his goal is to share this enthusiasm with students, and his philosophy of “Look what you can do!”

Creative Arts and Sciences (CAS) implements curricular-related programs at elementary and middle schools in Newton. The PTOs at each school fund these programs. The programs align with Newton curricula, the Massachusetts’ curricular frameworks, system-wide goals, and core values. Programs enhance Art, English/ Language Arts, History, Social Studies, Music, Physical Education, and Science curricula.