Traveling around the World celebrates the diversity we have in our families at Cabot School. We are looking for volunteers to share with our community about their home countries or one that you have visited to help spark our children’s curiosity and interest about the world.  Some ways to share in this initiative to showcase different countries (whether your home country or one you have visited) include:

  • Bringing in artifacts and items of that country for the display case in the lobby
  • Sharing digital pictures of that country to be presented in a slideshow on the screen of the lobby of the school
  • Creating posters with helpful information for teachers to talk to the kids about that country
  • Answering questions from students or teachers during 2 to 3 weeks of the display
    • Questions would be sent to you electronically and your answers would be compiled and presented in a Q&A poster as part of the display
  • Sharing highlights of that country and organizing a short activity (e.g. craft, story, game, dance, etc.) that can be part of a Diversity Festival
    • Please note that you will need to share your presentation with different groups several times during one afternoon
  • Other comments or ideas are also welcome

Please let us know how you would like to get involved by clicking on the following link :  Traveling Around the World Display at Cabot 

If you have any questions about this initiative or would like to meet about how to organize a display, please contact Carolina Rivas at